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Guest schedule page: Engaging Personalities: Fascinating Conversations with Industry Leaders Podcast

Podcast Booking status: OPEN!

Engagify CEO and Engaging Personalities: Fascinating Conversations with Industry Leaders podcast host Anders Boulanger is a certified speaking professional and has been building crowds and generating leads for clients since 2007.

You’re gonna love this commercial-free industry leader spotlight show. We feature CEOs, Founders and Sales Leaders from 7-10 figure B2B companies. We’ll learn how they are making a difference in their customer’s lives and how they capture attention and deepen connection with their prospects, clients and team members.

You’ll hear real stories from authentic people who are leading by example in this 20-30 minute length podcast.

Yes. We are looking for podcast guests, and we want to share your story!

Let's do a great show together!

Please watch this quick video first:

Engaging Personalities Host, Anders Boulanger

Engaging Personalities Host, Anders Boulanger

Guest Requirements:

  • As a business, you should be experiencing some very good momentum AND be grossing 7-10 figures or more annually. We'll be talking about how you scaled your business.

  • Consider your company as having ‘purpose;' and thoughtful in your mission.

  • Director of Sale Enablement, VP of Marketing, VP of Sales

Application to be on 'Engaging Personalities' podcast:

After application is submitted:

  • Our vetting team will review the application and reach back out to you with instructions to book on the calendar.

  • When the appointment is booked, Anders will share some vital tips (via video) to help you connect with our audience, gain some great exposure, and hopefully encourage some great connections and customers from our audience.

  • Enjoy the interview with Anders via Zoom video.

Some final tech tips...


We'll be recording on Zoom VIDEO. We will likely grab a couple 30-60 second video snippets of our chat to promote you to our audience. Try to be well-lit so we can see your smiling face!

Download Zoom (free) here:


Please have a quality microphone ready to go prior to our interview. Gaming headsets and internal laptop microphones are usually very poor quality and will require rescheduling our interview.

3 good options:


Blue Yeti

Blue Snowball

Order this on Amazon and you can have it in 2 days. If you would like to do more podcast interviews, this is something you'll want to have.

As a last resort, Apple Airpods and Airpod Pros are typically okay quality.

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